New ICD-10 Codes Complicate Medicare Billing

People who do medical billing often cite Medicare as being one of the harder types of claims to process. Processing Medicare claims has many steps and once they receive the claim, there are several verifications that they do before they will pay the doctor. Any mistake along the way can result in unpaid or denied claims, which then makes more work for the doctors’ office.

Once the Medicare claim has been filled out and sent in, and before it can be paid, Medicare will verify the individual is who they say they are, check to see if the claimed service is covered, and then check that all the administrative requirements, including codes, have been filled out correctly. If one thing is wrong, the claim will be denied and you’ll have to start the process all over again. The new ICD-10 codes will only increase the number of claims denied, especially if you aren’t sure how they work. These delicate claims can easily be taken off your hands, saving you precious time and money, when you use an expert medical billing service.

ICD-10 Codes


In order to process Medicare claims correctly, the doctor’s office staff will need to be trained how to use the new ICD-10 codes. In order to do this, you must pay for training as well as purchase manuals that have all the codes available when filling out claims. It’s a very complex process and it can be difficult to learn while trying to process current claims as well as resubmit older ones.

If a problem comes up, you are assigned a Medicare Administrative Contractor to help you figure out what went wrong, which can be a long process. An excellent way to cut out this step and know that your Medicare claims are being processed and paid correctly the first time around, is to let a professional medical billing company take over your billing. They have better success working with Medicare and will be able to turn your claims around faster, reduce denials and rejections, all while allowing you to focus on your patients instead of your billing.

Concerning Health Trend


Across the nation, many doctors are refusing service to Medicare patients because they think their claims process is difficult and that they won’t be paid enough to make it worth it. This decreases many health options for older adults nationwide. But if you know how to get your Medicare claims processed correctly the first time around, you could potentially have a revenue increase instead of losing money on Medicare patients.

Working with a reputable medical billing company is the best way to get the most for your money with Medicare claims. These companies analyze the claims before they’re submitted which reduces mistakes, denials and rejections. You won’t have to worry about getting behind on your billing either because they will always stay on top of submitting your claims as soon as possible after the service is rendered. Plus, if you have problems, you’ll have their support to help solve them so you can worry about other things. Don’t drop Medicare patients because you’re worried about their claims being rejected or not paid, look to a medical billing service to take care of the job for you.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the complicated Medicare claims process and whether or not your claim will make it through the first time around. Medicare claims are complicated, and you should find a way to get them paid fast and consistently every single time. This is where you need to find a fantastic medical billing company to do the work for you, saving you time and money.