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About Medynamix

medical billingThe team at Medynamix has one goal, to improve your bottom line.

We achieve our goal by utilizing state of the art software platforms that assist our entire team in working as efficiently as possible with maximum effectiveness.  Generating clean claims is at the core of a successful billing procedure.  Our client’s charges under go a manual review process by our billing experts and then a three step automated claims scrubbing process that uses literally millions of payer rules to ensure your claims are correct before being transmitted to payers.

Our team brings decades of experience in medical practice management.  We are active with many professional organizations to engage with peers and attend continuing education sessions to ensure we keep up to date with changes in the industry.  We are constantly learning and always striving to identify ways of improving efficiency and profitability for our clients.

We only get paid after we make sure you get paid!

increase profitsOur billing services agreements are based on a percentage of collections.  That means we are highly motivated to ensure you get paid quickly and accurately.  Your dedicated account support team at Medynamix will keep you in tune with your progress each month.  Our at a glance dashboard provides you key performance indicators at your fingertips.  And the standard reports from our cloud based system allows you to dive into the details of your accounts receivable.

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