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Payer Credentialing

Insurance Credentialing

Medicare Provider Enrollment Application

Credentialing with payers can be a difficult and time consuming task.  As your outsourced billing office, Medynamix can work with you to ensure a quick and efficient credentialing process.

If you are starting a new practice, our team can help ensure the initial provider enrollment process with health insurance networks is quick and efficient.  Health plan enrollment has a huge impact on financial performance of a new practice because until you are in-network with a health plan you cannot bill and receive participating reimbursement.  If you bill for services prior to having an effective contract, you are likely to receive no reimbursement and your patient will be responsible for a larger amount than if you were participating with their plan.

Ongoing Maintenance

As part of your billing service with Medynamix, we will maintain your provider credentialing files and ensure your CAQH profiles are kept up to date.  Our credentialing system will notify you of any documents pending expiration and update your CAQH profile with the newly renewed documents that you provide.  This will help to ensure your participation with commercial networks is not interrupted due to any credentialing issues.  All at no additional cost to you!

Additional Insurance Enrollments and Re-Validations

If you need enrollment in new health plans or require re-credentialing, we’ll take care of that for a small application fee.  Medynamix strives to provide complete revenue cycle management for its clients which includes the important task of payer provider enrollment and credentialing profile maintenance.

Insurance Credentialing Only

national credentialing solutionsVisit our credentialing partner National Credentialing Solutions if you are strictly looking for assistance with insurance credentialing.  Their leading technology and expert staff can assist you with any credentialing project.